You want to see more happy people!!

 .. and you have a nail salon, a cosmetic institute, a perfumery, a pharmacy, a gift or knick-knack shop, a boutique, a flower shop, a tanning salon, a yoga studio etc. etc. etc.? So, in short, a regional business and/or service location. Or you want to make entire regions of people happy?
Then become a CBB retailer and/or CBB distributor!

With CBB you can put a smile on even more people's faces. Because with the Filterfluid®️ set, the Filterfluid®️ cream, the Filterfluid®️ brush and Filterfluid®️ PROGUELLEs, you can expand your sales offering with a product range that is very sellable and sells like freshly baked bread. Or, another option: you will work directly on a larger scale, nationwide or internationally. Everything is possible. Let's just talk about it. 

So if you are extremely interested in increasing happiness on this earth and getting started straight away, then contact us directly by phone or simply send us an email. Briefly describe your wishes, ideas and ideas to us and we will discuss everything else together. 

We look forward to your call. Or your email. 

You like to sell CBB Filterfluid®-products?
Then please contact us via email or phone call:

Carsten Proll CEO CBB
Tel. +49 (0)7304 - 3373

[email protected]