Wonderful Pompom

Apply “make-up” with a brush?
Hard to imagine... or is it?! 
You can also use your fingers or a cosmetic sponge, right?! Of course this is possible if you don't own the Filterfluid®️ brush yet. Unfortunately, the finger or sponge method does not bring out 100 percent of the top properties of the Filterfluid®️ cream. But we want that! That's why every Filterfluid®️ set also includes the Filterfluid®️ brush. This is this very special cosmetic brush that brings the Filterfluid®️ cream to peak performance. This allows the Filterfluid®️ cream to develop its potential to 200 percent. 

And don't worry, the Filterfluid®️-Brush is not ready for washing after using it once. It takes umpteen times the effort.

The Filterfluid®️ brush consists of a combination of 70% natural hair (from domestic goats), which is the black, and 30% very fine synthetic hair (PBT polyester fiber), which is the white around it. The hair of domestic goats is hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs the excess moisture that the skin has not absorbed and releases it later (after application). This ensures that exactly the right amount of moisture is used (matching the “thirst” of the skin). The fine synthetic hair ensures that the pigments of the Filterfluid®️ cream can be meticulously “worked into” the skin down to the smallest pore using a special but simple technique. There is no smear, no streaks, as unfortunately often happens with a make-up sponge or with your fingers. In addition, dabbing with the sponge takes time. A sponge cannot get into the smallest pores like the fine synthetic brush hairs of the Filterfluid®️ brush. ... and your fingers can't do that at all.

NEW: the Filterfluid®️ brush is now also available in VEGAN with pure synthetic hair!

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The Filterfluid®️ brush is part of the Filterfluid®️ cream like the lid is part of the pot.

If the brush has become unsightly at some point from frequent use, you can wash it with a mild hair shampoo. You can see how it works in the video.

And if your Filterfluid®️ brush dies at some point after daily use (but that takes forever), it is also available on its own, just like the Filterfluid®️ cream.

What else is there to say about the Filterfluid®️ brush?

The handle is made of 99% birch wood, which was only dried at 60°C - 80°C and not (!) fumigated or chemically treated. The natural hair (sustainably obtained = brushed without harming a hair of the goat) is washed, steam-disinfected and heat-treated before being processed into the actual brush. The polyester fibers of synthetic hair have very good gliding properties and are approved for food contact.

All in all:

the Filterfluid®️ brush is simply a little miracle.