This is the look into the simple paper bag of the Filterfluid® set..... : #easygoing .... 


You're always right with just one shade! That fits! To your complexion! To you! 

Nothing stresses you, everything fits, the world is yours. 

And not only that – there’s a lot more! Because the Filterfluid® set is simply brilliant!
It suits to you, you, you and also to you and to you! 


This #easygoing “Fit-to-You-and-Everybody” principle gives you unexpected freedom and is one of the great and wonderful things that is in the Filterfluid® set! Feel good, look good – without having to wear makeup. Because that´s is the subtle difference. 

Fits to you, to you, to you and also to you!


The “Fit-to-You-and-Everybody” principle No. 1:
skin tone-adapting. 

Whether you have a light, medium or dark complexion, whether Scandinavian-Celtic, rosy, Mediterranean or African, the contents of the Filterfluid® set, the Filterfluid®️ cream, adapts perfectly to your skin tone.

>>> And that with just 1 (!) one (!) single (!) shade!

So you don't have to search for a needle in a haystack among dozens of colors to find the perfect shade for you. This simplifies your beauty routine immensely.


The “Fit-to-You-and-Everybody” principle No. 1:

It makes no difference whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer - the contents of the Filterfluid® set make no difference to the year of birth on your ID card. 


The “Fit-to-You-and-Everybody” principle No. 1: gender-neutral.

 It doesn't matter whether you are a woman or a man or have another personal calling. With the contents of the Filterfluid® set, everyone can simply look good and relaxed. 

How does it all work?
You only need 2 things.
Or, if you want, 3.

Open the simple paper bag and you will find the 2 things in it that will make you look good in no time: Filterfluid®️ cream and Filterfluid®️ brush, which is the brush that goes with it.

Those are the basics. You (actually) don't need anything more.

But you can actually pimp up your new, fresh skin look with a touch of “spring freshness meets summer sun accents” on your cheeks. For this you use Filterfluid®️ PROugeLLe. Just the icing on the cake. You can find out exactly what all this is here (Filterfluid®️-Cream), here (Filterfluid®️-Brush) and here (Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe).

You can believe us, the Filterfluid® set is a very sensible investment. Although it costs a little more at first glance, you can do without any additional equipment such as make-up jars, pots and tubes, which ultimately adds up to a higher price.

In addition, you can use the Filterfluid®️ cream for a long time, the Filterfluid® brush is almost indestructible and many months pass before the Filterfluid® PROugeLLE is empty.

An investment in your beauty that is simply worth it for you!

Space, freedom, free time. And just be beautiful.

And suddenly you have a lot more space in your bathroom cupboard at home and even in your suitcase. With the Filterfluid® set you can also find out how you can use the time you have gained for other nice things. Feel how your skin breathes a sigh of relief when the fine cream touches it. Enjoy the good feeling of hopping through world history as if you had just hatched, in all situations. 
And all of this is far away from “make-up”! (.. we can't repeat it often enough. ;-) )

By the way ....

With the Filterfluid® set, the rate of packaging being thrown away is extremely low. Our Filterfluid® set fans have already confessed this to us. We're happy about that!

And men love it!
The Filterfluid® set is also available in a purely VEGAN edition!