Sleep a little bit longer.

For example, cuddling up in the pillow.
With the Filterfluid®️ set you can stay completely relaxed and don't have to stress. You can simply continue sleeping using the snooze button on your smartphone. It's much nicer, it's better to cuddle for a while and sip a coffee in peace before getting ready for daylight.

Here we will show you how quick it is to use the Filterfluid®️ set with Filterfluid®️ cream and Filterfluid®️ brush. Ours – let’s call her Annabelle – show us how.

Annabelle and Filterfluid® –
that´s super easy and simply amazing!

First of all...

... clean your face.

Then ...

...apply a light day care cream.
You usually don't need this, but if you have dry skin, give your skin that extra dose of moisture.

Now apply the Filterfluid®️-Creme ...

.... in small dots on the forehead, nose, cheek, chin

Even if you can't imagine that those mini dots are enough for your entire face, just do it. You can always add more, you'll be surprised that just a little bit has such a big impact.

Vibrant with the Filterfluid®️-Brush ...

...spread the Filterfluid®️ cream dots in a circle over the entire face using gentle pressure. So work it in.
You can brush over your eyebrows and into the hairline - you won't see that later.

Info for men:
Brush loosely over a 3-day beard; for hipster beards, brush in similarly to the hairline.


Enjoy the moment.
Enjoy the good feeling of looking so good so quickly.
And that only took 2 minutes.

If you want, you can also sugar-coat your work with a light tan or a touch of delicate blush...

Then ... take your Filterfluid®-PROugeLLe and in 1-3 strokes you have a bit more freshness on your face.

The same applies here as with the Filterfluid® cream: if you want a delicate, natural result, then just a few brush strokes are enough. If you want more, such as contouring, then brush until you see your desired result in the mirror.

Our tip:
Use two separate Filterfluid® brushes for your Filterfluid® cream and for Filterfluid®-PROugeLLe so that you don't end up with the Filterfluid®-PROugeLLe pigments in the Filterfluid® cream. Or the Filterfluid® cream in the Filterfluid® PROugeLLe.

You recognize, ...

... that's super easy and simply amazing!
Just be happy!

Basic Illustration: © – Designed by macrovector / Modification: © CBB Beauty Blaustein GmbH & Co. KG

What are you waiting for?
Get your Filterfluid® set!
And then it's off to snuggle up in the pillow and sip a cup of coffee - because with the beauty from the CBB surprise bag you create so much freedom for beautiful things.