Inspiring love in its purest form.

The Filterfluid®️ cream is the heart of the Filterfluid®️ set. Every milliliter of it is a pleasure for every one of your skin cells and for your fresh look! We consciously speak of Filterfluid®️ cream and not of BB cream, CC cream, make-up or foundation, because this Filterfluid®️ cream is something very special, extraordinary and unique.

What makes the Filterfluid®️ cream so consciously different and special? 



The Filterfluid®️ cream does what daylight-ready cosmetics are supposed to do: it makes you beautiful. With the Filterfluid®️ cream, however, everything is more fluid, finer, smoother and exactly in the dose that your skin needs. Filterfluid®️ cream “thinks” for itself. Filterfluid®️ cream never looks “made up” - and is almost invisible, even if you look very closely. In addition, the Filterfluid®️ cream is much quicker to use, it is suitable for every (!) skin type, is also intended for men and is extremely effective. You only need a few tiny drops of it. Filterfluid®️ cream is pure freshness in its purest form in a tube... 


The Filterfluid®️ cream has a high moisture content that plumps up the skin cells and makes the skin look smoother and more even. This reduces fine wrinkles and lines, your skin appears younger and you simply look fresher.

Redness such as B. fine veins and/or skin spots simply disappear. Filterfluid®️ cream does not cover like a concealer or make-up, it blurs the contrast between the redness (or skin spots) and the normal complexion. Even dark circles under the eyes and porous skin are reduced. This all works in a similar way to a soft focus on a camera. By applying with the Filterfluid®️ brush, exactly the right amount goes where it should go to smooth, conceal and refresh with a natural effect.

This is also the case with the pigments in the Filterfluid®️ cream, which conjure up a subtle hint of tan on the face. And with the right dosage. It doesn't matter whether you have a light or dark complexion - it depends on the tone of your skin that suits you. You appear refreshed, your facial features relaxed, as if you had been hiking through the woods and fields in the fresh air all day.


The recipe philosophy of the Filterfluid®️ cream is also interesting for you if you attach great importance to the sustainability of the products you use: the freshener in the tube is 100% vegan. (Incidentally, there is now also a vegan Filterfluid®️ brush.) 


Highly valued personalities from the flora are represented in the Filterfluid®️ cream, which are good for your skin, care for it and protect it from negative environmental influences and free radicals. For example, the real marigold, the Portland rose (Damascus rose), cinchona and a plant with a very interesting name called the Asian pennywort (Centella). Centella smoothes and evens out irregularities, leaves the skin feeling super comfortable and keeps it fit and well-groomed. Incidentally, shea butter (the skin flatterer par excellence) and the skin-caring apple extract come from purely organic cultivation and therefore correspond to our philosophy of mindfulness towards our environment. 


As you can see, the Filterfluid®️ cream not only makes your face look fresh. Filterfluid®️ cream refreshes every skin cell, nourishes it and protects it sustainably. And the Filterfluid®️ cream lasts all day.