Big mouth and a lot behind it.


What is that actually? 

It's not a powder bronzer. It's not a blush. And yet here you have both in one product. So it's technically a "Prouge". Because it sounds nicer, we made a Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe out of it and integrated the name of the "inventor" - namely that of CBB owner Carsten Proll ;-)

In the Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe you will find a bronzing powder for "sunshine "-tan and a subtle rosé blush as a light "red" program. Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe has high-quality ingredients, is suitable for all skin types and - we think - it smells subtle and incredibly delicious. 

Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe, like all of our products, is very easy to use without any fuss or fuss. 

With the powder rouge promoter Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe you can quickly set natural accents from spring freshness to suntan in 1-3 brush strokes and highlight and promote your sugary sides a little more. 

Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe is also suitable for delicate contouring. The shades “Rotwerd” and “Sunshine” can be mixed with each other to create very individual color notes. Just how you want it. It also has a subtle light-reflecting glow that adds a touch of shimmer to the skin for a radiant finish all day long.

OUR TIP: Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe can be easily applied with the Filterfluid®️-Brush brush. For Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe, take a Filterfluid®️-Brush - this way you avoid glow pigments from Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe migrating into your filter fluid.

Filterfluid®️-PROugeLLe, in the chic, simple folding powder compact with mirror, is always available in a CBB velvet bag.